Raw Fermented Ginger Beer Recipe (Easy, Homemade Soda) (2024)

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This is a super simple homemade soda made with a ginger bug–fermented ginger beer! This is soda that is raw andcompletely natural! This will be the BEST ginger beer recipe you’ve EVER tried!

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The benefits of raw ginger are plentiful. Likewise, ginger bug ginger beer is amazing for calming stomach aches, fighting indigestion, squashing acid reflux, and delighting taste buds.

If your ginger bug is in good health, this will make a very fizzy drink and you won’t ever crave for a modern day soda again. You can also use this recipe as a base for delicious fruit flavored shrubs and co*cktails!

Homemade ginger beer is unlike any other. The ginger is crisp and fresh, and doesn’t have that fake ginger taste. It is slightly spicy, a little tangy yet still somewhat sweet, and the natural effervescence is rewarding and soothing and won’t case you to have gas! Yay!

On the contrary, fermented ginger beer is the perfect drink to calm tummy troubles. It is full of living enzymes that aid digestion. Try this homemade ginger beer as soon as you can, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t have a ginger bug yet? Click here to learn how to make one at home. You only need a jar, ginger, sugar and water!

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Raw, Fermented Ginger Beer Recipe


This is an easy fermented ginger beer recipe that uses a ginger bug for a super fizzy, delicious soda. This homemade ginger beer recipe is a crowd pleaser and also filled with probiotics!

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Course Beverage, Ferment

Servings 4 people


  • 4 inches ginger juiced
  • 1-2 lemons juiced
  • 2 quarts water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup active ginger bug


  • Juice the ginger WITH the skin on if it is organic!

  • Add everything together, and taste-test.

  • Pour into bottles and let ferment 1-7 days until sufficiently bubbly. It may take longer if your house is colder, but please do check daily. You don't want exploding jars!


Prior to putting in jars to ferment: If you think the ginger is too strong, add more water. If you’d like it stronger, juice a bit more ginger. Keep in mind it tends to taste stronger after fermentation! Maybe because of all the bubbles? 🙂

Swing-Top Jars:I highly recommend swing-top jars because they lead to a fizzier product. Plus it’s easy to make then just grab one from the fridge, which encourages having fermented drinks more often. Click here to buy my favorite type on Amazon. The 8oz jars are great for kids!

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My house is always on the warmer side, so my soda is usually very bubbly after a day or two. I then put them in the fridge to chill until the flavor is perfect, generally another 2 days. I don’t like it too sweet, but don’t like it alcoholic either!

Raw Fermented Ginger Beer Recipe (Easy, Homemade Soda) (4)

Once your jar has some fizz, it’s time to open carefully and enjoy your cold, refreshing, raw ginger beer soda! Also be sure to try this naturally fermented pineapple ginger soda as well!

Please don’t forget to pin this awesome old-fashioned ginger beer recipe!

Raw Fermented Ginger Beer Recipe (Easy, Homemade Soda) (5)

This recipe is a raw version of the one posted in Wild Fermentation. It is a variant that makes a perfect fermented Jamaican ginger beer recipe!


Is fermented ginger beer alcoholic?

Homemade ginger beer does have trace amounts of alcohol. The more days that it is left to ferment, the stronger it will become.

How long does ginger beer take to ferment?

My ginger beer takes about 3-4 days to ferment. I like to do 1-2 days at room temperature, then 2 additional days in the fridge. This allows it to get a nice fizzy flavor without to much alcohol. Depending on the temperature of your home, it can take 1-7 days. The warmer the room, the faster it will ferment.

Do you need to burp ginger beer?

Fermented ginger beer will need to be burped if you’re leaving it out for several days. This will allow some of the gases to be released so the bottle doesn’t explode from the pressure.

Is fermented ginger beer good for you?

Ginger beer made with ginger bug is vvery healthy! It has plenty of nutrients from the ginger and lemon juice, reduced sugars thanks to the fermentation process. It is also good for a variety of maladies such as stomach aches, acid reflux, and indigestion.
It has many healthy probiotics to aide your gut flora!

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Raw Fermented Ginger Beer Recipe (Easy, Homemade Soda) (2024)


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