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Lavendla funeral home was founded with the idea that anyone should afford a personalised and memorable funeral service.

We believe the process of planning the funeral should be made more simple for the related, and the prevailing grief should not have to suffer from an extensively complicated planning process. As a funeral home, we want you to feel secure and make informed decisions.

This is why Lavendla funeral home offer you the possibility of planning the funeral at your home, with the people you trust, we do not force you to meet a sales representative in a very vulnerable moment. Whenever you are in doubt, or wish for more information or personalised advices, we are available at a phone calls’ distance and also online through chat or email. We strive to serve you instantaneously with the best service of the industry. We have local representatives near you, nation wide, that will carry out the services once you feel comfortable.

It is of the greatest importance to us to be transparent and open towards you, which includes informing of the price of the services and products we offer. Lavendla funeral home do not have any additional, or hidden, fees, beyond what is clearly stated in the funeral summary. We will not carry out anything that has not been cleared by you first, after being informed of the cost.

The combination of a clear and open approach towards you, clearly stated prices, our user-friendly planning tool and local expertise, makes Lavendla a modern funeral home addressing the conditions of our treasured clients.

Christian, Muslim or Non-religious Funeral Service? Lavendla Funeral Home Will Help You.

Lavendla funeral home has the expertise to help you arrange any type of funeral service. We often help clients with religious as well as non-religious affiliations. We will serve your wishes and arrange the funeral according to your tradition, regardless of whether it is to be a Christian service in church or whether it is to be carried out according to Muslim or Jewish traditions.

It is also possible to arrange a funeral without a ceremony, if desired. The different traditions do not only address how, when and where the ceremony should be carried out but also how to handle the deceased person before and after.

Especially the Muslims prefer to have the body buried quickly and in a certain way, which is why it is important to know how what is legally okay in Sweden. Adjustment necessary for, in this case, Muslims in Sweden include to not bury the body until it has been cleared by the appropriate government agency, which could delay the process a few days. In addition, it is neither possible to bury a body without a coffin or casket, but adjustments can be made to align to a greater extent to traditions. Several graveyards also have special areas, dedicated for Muslims.

This is How You Plan the Funeral – Arrange the Funeral in 4 Simple Steps.

  1. Select the city where the funeral will take place.
  2. Select the kind of ceremony you wish, how the deceased should be put to rest and name the location where the ceremony is to be held.
  3. Choose what products and services you want.
  4. Provide us with the requested information and confirm. We will call you as soon as possible.

We Lead You Through the Planning Process through the Effectuation.

Together, Lavendla funeral home will lead you through the planning process. Some of the choices you need to make are; how the body should be buried, cremated or not, and also what coffin you prefer. Note that a coffin is required in all cases, even though cremation is selected.

Thus, you will be in the comfort of your home with the possibility of having your friends and relatives supporting your decisions. You will do the planning wherever and whenever you prefer, in the pace which is right for you.

There is no stress, and we will provide you with descriptive texts and pictures, and any additional advice is merely at a phone calls’ distance.

Call us 24/7 at +46-771 22 21 21.

Each process is very individual and we adjust to your preferences, but here is an example of a typical funeral process through

  1. You plan and confirm the funeral online. If preferred, you will be assisted through the process.
  2. We will, as soon as possible, call you to make sure we have all the information we need. We will also make sure to inform you of the process and the timeframe. This is also when you will establish a personal relation with your funeral adviser.
  3. If a ceremony is selected, a priest or equivalent will be in contact with you to arrange for the ceremony.
  4. You will, at all times, be informed of the process and and you also have the possibility to call your personal adviser whenever you wish.
  5. The ceremony takes place, as directed by you.
  6. The deceased it put to rest.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Lavendla as Your Funeral Provider.

  • Lavendla is the funeral home in Sweden with the most pleased clients

    We are very proud to have the industry’s’ most pleased and delighted clients. This is to us clear evidence that the work and effort we dedicate to you, will be treasured in a time of vulnerability and grief.

  • Save 40% of the funeral cost – Let Lavendla help you.

    At Lavendla funeral home, we strive to offer you a funeral that is as justifiably priced as possible. For that reason we are dedicated to make the administrative work as efficient as possible, this allows us to not charge for additional services which you do not really need. We do however not strive to have the industry’s lowest prices, because we will never put quality second to price.

  • Save time and effort by planning whenever it suits you.

    By planning the funeral online at Lavendla funeral home, you do not need to make arrangements, nor do you need to visit a physical office. You can instead plan the funeral at your home with your immediate family as the support you need. We are open 24/7 online and will help you by phone, chat or email, in every way, daytime.

  • You plan the funeral online, we will arrange it according to your directions locally, with local expertise.

    By planning in a comfortable and safe environment, you will do the planning at your own pace. There is no clock ticking, and we are constantly stand-by for putting the arrangements in place, but also to provide any information, advice or support you might need. This way we eliminate the stress of having to face a salesperson in a time of great vulnerability and grief, and we can also provide a local representative with local knowledge of your area and special circ*mstances which might apply. We believe this is the best way to ensure a memorable funeral for the deceased and a comfortable process for the related.

  • Let your related help you do the planning.

    Rarely, all the planning is done by one person. Often, several related help by supporting each other, but also to reason what choice would be the best one. Today, we believe many families to be spread out across the nation, or the world, which would make such a process impossible. By using Lavendla, everyone can get involved, and the person closest to home does not need to carry the workload themselves.

  • We guarantee you will be secure and comfortable during the process.

    In order for you, as our clients, to feel safe and comfortable through the whole process, we invite our former client to rate us independently at TrustPilot. These rating are accessible for you to read. Additionally, we have adopted a satisfaction guarantee, which in short results in any money you spent on our administrative work returned.

Lavendla Funeral Home (2024)


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