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Divergent Universe (DU) is another version of Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. The game mode is meant to ease the process of Planar Ornament farming, and it also comes with various rewards for players who keep grinding it. Although there’s a timer for the game mode, DU is a permanent content and players don’t need to rush to complete all the tasks. Once the timer ends, the Divergent Universe will expand instead of close.

Although most of the systems in the Divergent Universe are similar to the Simulated Universe and its two spin-offs (Swarm Disaster and Gold and Gears), DU has its own twists that make the gameplay more refreshing compared to existing content. This guide will cover the key information players must know about the Divergent Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.


Honkai: Star Rail – Firefly Build Guide

Players must farm diligently for Firefly build in Honkai: Star Rail as her best-in-slot items are specifically made for her.

How To Unlock Divergent Universe

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (2)

To unlock the Divergent Universe in Honkai: Star Rail, players simply need to clear Simulated Universe: World 3 in Herta’s Space Station. It’s highly recommended to complete Stranger in a Strange Land Trailblaze Mission in Penacony so that Trailblazers won’t lose the immersion, but it’s not a necessity.

If players skip the main quest, they’ll gain access to the areas of Radiant Feldspar that are connected to the Divergent Universe, but they won’t have access to the map, chests, or achievements within.

Planar Ornament Extraction

The key difference between DU and SU lies in the fact that players can "save" a successful Divergent Universe run. After saving the collected Blessings and Curios, they can use the saved data to compose a team to beat a boss of their choice.


Honkai: Star Rail – Best Firefly Team Compositions

Firefly plays around Super Break in Honkai: Star Rail, so Firefly team comp should support either her Break Effect mechanics or her Super Break.

Once the boss fell, Trailblazers can claim the Planar Ornament reward using their Trailblaze Power without having to redo the entire Simulated Universe run. So basically, instead of playing SU run every time, players simply need to beat the final boss to get the reward.

Divergent Universe also gives points like normal Simulated Universe, so you can claim your weekly reward through it.

Character Mapping System

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (4)

Another main feature of Divergent Universe is the Character Mapping system. This mechanic does the following:

  • Max a character level.
  • Level-up Traces to level 8 (Level 5 for Basic Attack), and activate some of the Skill Tree.
  • Assign a Light Cone at max level, if no Light Cone is equipped.
  • Boost Light Cone to max level, if Light Cone is equipped.
  • Assign suitable Relics at max level, unless the equipped Relics are maxed already.

This allows players to use any character they have without worrying about raising them first. However, this also means players need to be careful as some mapping will mess up their SPD tuning. For example, if Trailblazers make their Sparkle slower than Acheron with their normal Relics, character mapping may mess this up and make Sparkle faster instead​​​​​​.



Honkai: Star Rail – Radiant Feldspar Chest and Lordly Trashcan Locations

Radiant Feldspar in Honkai: Star Rail contains several Treasure Chests and Lordly Trashcans, but there's no Warp Trotter as the entire ship is safe.

Additionally, unlike in Simulated Universe, players can freely change their team in the Divergent Universe run without having to use the "Download" machine. Divergent Universe also doesn’t end if players lose a fight; it allows you to restart a challenge, even allowing you to change the team before restarting.

Ordinary & Cyclical Extrapolation

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (6)

When starting the Divergent Universe, players will see two options; Ordinary Extrapolation and Cyclical Extrapolation.

Ordinary Extrapolation is the "basic" version where players can unlock new difficulties to test their limits. Meanwhile, Cyclical Extrapolation is a weekly-challenge that gives extra rewards for the first weekly clearance. This version follows the highest difficulty you've reached in the Ordinary Extrapolation.

Equation System

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (7)

Another key difference in the Divergent Universe is the Equation mechanic. Unlike in the Simulated Universe where you follow one Path and you must collect Blessings for that specific Paths, the DU is heavier on RNG with its Equation system. Basically, here’s how it works:

  • Players choose between available Equations.
  • Each Equation has its own Blessing requirements.
  • Players must collect a number of Blessings based on the Equation’s requirements.
  • Once you collect the minimum number of Blessings, the Equation will be activated.

Trailblazers can also get the "Path Resonance" in DU, but it’s renamed to Boundary Equations. To get it, you must unlock the correct Node in the Inspiration Circuit, then obtain 16 of the respective Path’s Blessing.

New Items

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (8)

Other than the aforementioned information, Divergent Universe in Honkai: Star Rail also comes with revamped Occurrence and Blessings, more diverse Domain options, new Interactables, Curio, and Weighted Curio.

One of the most important changes is the existence of the Workbench of Creation. Unlike in Simulated Universe where you can only upgrade your Blessing before the final boss (by speaking to Herta), in Divergent Universe, you can do your upgrade each time you see a Workbench of Creation.


Honkai: Star Rail – The Best Imaginary Trailblazer Light Cones

Harmony Trailblazer comes to Honkai: Star Rail with a unique mechanic called Super Break.

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (10)

Workbench of Creation appears in certain domains, but it’s guaranteed to appear with a boss fight. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Level up Blessings.
  • Switch Blessings.
  • Switch Equations.

There are also rarer Workbenchs that allow you to mess around with your Curio instead of Blessings.


Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (11)

Divergent Universe demands you to grind the content if you wish to collect all the rewards it offers.

Probability Museum

Fill the Probability Museum Exhibits to get buffs in the Divergent Universe.

Inspiration Circuit

Collect Inspiration points from your Divergent Universe runs to unlock the Inspiration Circuit buffs. You can freely reset your progress and reassign your points if you wish.

Synchronicity Level

Gain Synchronicity points by playing Divergent Universe or filling your Gallery of Possibilities to increase your Synchronicity Level.

Gallery of Possibilities

Check all the Blessings, Curio, Equations, Weighted Curio, and Occurrences you’ve collected so far. Reaching certain milestones will reward you with Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail and Synchronicity points.

Stable Computing Array

Complete the tasks to get various rewards such as Stellar Jade, Synchronicity points, Relic Remains, and other materials.

Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (12)
Honkai: Star Rail – Divergent Universe Guide (13)
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April 26, 2023
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