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Requisition No:832147

Agency: Department of Lottery


Pay Plan: Lottery Exempt Serv

Position Number:36000363

Salary: $39,000.00 - $41,000.00

Posting Closing Date: 07/10/2024

Total Compensation EstimatorTool



*Open Competitive Opportunity*

**Preference will be given to bilingual applicants**

The following schedules are available for this position:

Day Shift: Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (7am-6pm)

Night Shift: Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and Saturday (2pm-1am)


If hired, as employee of the Florida Lottery, you will be provided the benefits listed below:

  • Approximately97.5%of the premium for health insurance
    • Individual (~$8/month) or Family (~$30/month)
  • 100%of the premium for individual or familydental insurance
  • 100%of the premium for basiclife insurance
  • Employer contributions to the Pension Plan or Investment Plan; contribution levels will vary based upon Pay Plans.


This is a professional position. Responsibilities require the use of independent judgment, performing game control functions, analytical problem solving and customer service functions; interpreting and maintaining a wide variety of complex accounting, inventory, game and retailer records. Some Lead Person responsibilities required. The incumbent shall have broad, in-depth knowledge of Lottery operations and subject experts throughout the Department. With this knowledge, the incumbent is responsible for tactfully handling inquiries, resolving a wide variety of issues, and offering solutions or routing (when necessary) customer complaints. The incumbent assigned to this position is responsible for carrying out the duties described below, in accordance with prescribed policies and procedures.


  • Each employee is expected to be knowledgeable of the Lottery’s Responsible Gaming program, including the No Underage Play and Play Within Your Means messaging, and will ensure retailers and players are aware of the program and provided information, as necessary.
  • Provide exemplary customer service to all internal and external customers.
  • Assist retailers on the Retailer Hotline by responding to questions relating to selling, canceling, adjustments, inventory and settlement reconciliation, validation and terminal operation. Assign each incoming call to accurate call topics with in the Call Tracking Database, ensuring all calls requiring follow-up are resolved.
  • Assist players on the Customer Service Hotline by answering questions from customers and other callers. Assign each incoming call to accurate call topics with in the Call Tracking Database, ensuring all calls requiring follow-up are resolved.
  • Conduct calls always following the established Call Handling Procedures for professional demeanor.
  • Complete all book status change requests from the district offices or Scientific Games timely and accurately.
  • Prepare and send various missing person alerts and broadcast as terminal messages per appropriate procedure.
  • Process retailer Terminal and Scratch-off Ticket adjustment requests timely and accurately as per procedure.
  • Facilitate and monitor corporate and retailer requests for reports and assist with management of user profiles on the Retailer Wizard. Report file irregularities to management.
  • Perform retailer status changes, temporary terminal provisioning, and change of ownership inventory transfers according to procedures.
  • Prepare and send Lottery game and jackpot information via terminal reports, broadcast messages and email to the retailer and Lottery networks.
  • Assist with gaming system and peripheral application software quality assurance testing. Properly document and report gaming system anomalies and issues to the software quality testing team in coordination with managers.
  • Prepare and send comprehensive, grammatically correct and informative messages to Lottery personnel, vendors and corporate contacts to initiate or respond to actions relating to retailer services.
  • Prepares and process emails from players and the general public with excellent overall grammar and structural content. Provides information in compliance with pre-developed responses database and current marketing information. Conducts research, resolves discrepancies, and enters information into the Customer Service Tracking System as items occur or upon response.
  • Analyze sales and validation transactional activity and retailer terminal data to compile and prepare reports for use by management.
  • Function in the capacity of Draw Supervisor or Draw Analyst to conduct game control functions: terminal game close, entry of winning numbers and payouts, press releases, website updates and set to pay in accordance with current policies and procedures for both Lottery and national games.
  • Prepare terminal and scratch-off game financial reconciliation and analyses as required.
  • Reconcile multi-system report balances to ensure accuracy and completeness of games and retailer financial information. Research any discrepancies and initiate corrective action as necessary.
  • Gather and compile data relating to gaming system, database, inventory management or terminal operation irregularities and report to management.
  • Act in a liaison capacity between the Lottery and our Scratch-off and Terminal game vendors.
  • Conduct morning administrative duties to include compiling winning information from draws conducted the previous evening for distribution to other units within the Lottery, and creating and sending applicable terminal messages according to the draw procedures.
  • Maintain accurate records related to the authorized issuance and subsequent return of promotional books used at approved promotional sites statewide. Solicit cross check of records with district offices on a quarterly basis. Maintain accurate, organized filing system by fiscal year according to procedures.
  • Maintain and disseminate active instant game schedules and release information.
  • Manage email inbox to keep apprised of issues and ensure messages requiring action are handled appropriately.
  • Execute daily duties as assigned in accordance with established procedures ensuring that duties are accurately performed and sufficiently documented, follow-up issues are resolved and requesting customers are informed of task status timely.
  • Receive, log and store scratch-off game load CDs, track games ended and initiate purge process with the terminal game vendor according to established procedures.
  • Attendance is an essential function of this position.
    • Total hours in workweek: 40


  • Ability to respond to customers in a tactful and courteous manner.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and accurately in writing and orally.
  • Ability to effectively use the internal integrated office automation systems and equipment.
  • Ability to use effective problem-solving techniques.
  • Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to manage information of a confidential or proprietary nature.
  • Ability to research, compile and analyze data.
  • Working knowledge of automated inventory systems and database systems.
  • Broad knowledge of effective customer service practices.
  • Broad knowledge of accounting practices.
  • Knowledge of effective business communication.
  • Knowledge of office procedures and practices.
  • Ability to perform in a team environment, maintaining effective and professional working relationships with others by adhering to Lottery Personnel policies and rules in order to promote respect and courtesy for coworkers.


Successful passing of a criminal background check (state, local, and national) is required.

A high school diploma or equivalent (GED).

Maintains strict confidentiality of information learned while working with the Florida Lottery, whether learned through assigned duties or through working with other units. The types of confidential information may include, but are not limited to, payroll information, budget matters, policy decisions, tax matters, employee disciplinary issues, and other personnel data.

Statutes establishing or defining work performed

Chapter 24, Florida Statutes

The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the workplace.

Candidates requiring a reasonable accommodation, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, must notify the agency hiring authority and/or People First Service Center (1-866-663-4735). Notification to the hiring authority must be made in advance to allow sufficient time to provide the accommodation.

The State of Florida supports a Drug-Free workplace. All employees are subject to reasonable suspicion drug testing in accordance with Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act.



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